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Tuesday 11 May 2021


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Islamists, USA and Terrorists – Foes or Friends?
[ Ali Behrooz]
[Source: Iran's Crises – English (ICE)]

Translated by: Translation Team

Iran’s Crises _ Farsi issue No. 0002


Media agencies such as “Radio Farda” reported today that an affiliated group to Al-Qaeda has threatened the Iranian regime “To await a hard battle” because of their continued support of the Iraqi Shiite Moslems.


Al-Qaeda’s threat draws our attention to two distinct points of view.

On the one hand, the Islamic Republic’s elements in Iraq would be facing their rightful match. Terrorist verses terrorist. Such position taken by Al-Qaeda would inevitably drag the Islamic Republic into a new phase of creating chaos in Iraq which would ultimately swing the balance of power between the two rival factions in favour of the Sunnis.

On the other, such threat would not be confined within the Iraqi boundaries but would gradually find its way into the Iranian borders which would ultimately turn the Middle East and Iran into a battlefield between two domineering forces of the Islamic Republic and the USA.


Evidently, the USA is reluctant to involve itself directly in yet another conflict in the Middle East, having endured the afflicting experience in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As far as the oppressed peoples of the Middle East are concerned, the latest threat by Al-Qaeda, the presence of Quds corps in Iraq, and the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the coalition forces projects a deplorable outlook in the region.

In order to prevent a further blazing up and the inflammatory situation in the Middle East, we must act against the Islamic Republic Regime, the occupation of the Middle East by the US and the Israeli forces, as well as the organised terrorism disguised under the “Collective” name of Al-Qaeda.


Undoubtedly, overlooking the current crisis in the Middle East would bear undesirable consequences. At this point in time “The mother of all corruptions” is the Islamic Republic. The outlook of freedom for the peoples of the Middle East lies within the eradication of the pretext of the “Islamic Republic” from the oppressors’ agenda.


Let’s review “Radio Farda’s” report together.


Ali Behrooz, 9 July 2007


Iran's Crises Bulletin


Radio Farda: The Islamic Republic was threatened “To await a hard battle”    


9 July 2007


The leader of one of the affiliated groups to Al-Qaeda in Iraq, warned the Islamic Republic to cease supporting the Shiites in Iraq otherwise await a hard battle.

Abu Omar Baghdadi, who is the ring leader of a group calling themselves “Iraq Islamic State” released a video tape on Sunday, 8 July 2007, stating that: “The Iranian leaders are given two months notice to cease supporting the Iraqi Shiite rulers and any interference in Iraq otherwise, a hard battle will be awaiting them”


The authenticity and the credibility of the video tape have not been confirmed yet.

The “Iraq Islamic State” group is a coalition of Sunni groups in Iraq lead by Al-Qaeda.


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