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Tuesday 11 May 2021

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Mr President, Barack Obama,
[ Ali Behrooz]
[Source: Iran's Crises – English (ICE)]

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500




Mr President, Barack Obama,


As a scholar and an analyst in Iranian politics and affairs, and as a member of “Foreign Press Association” (FPI), last year I addressed Mrs Hillary Clinton in an open letter and pointed out some of the ill-fated consequences of US policies of appeasement towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

I herewith enclose the same letter for your kind attention, which was incidentally endorsed by a number of Iranian compatriots.


Regrettably, as rightly foreseen and highlighted in that letter, the subsequent events within the last year proved the correctness of the viewpoints presented in that communiqué.  A significant number of “Camp Ashraf” residents were brutally murdered under the influences of the Islamic Republic by the Iraqi armed forces. The Islamic Regime of Iran relentlessly continues to violate the basic Human Rights; executions continue to break records in Iran, and last but not least, the Islamic Regime’s continued conspiracies and interferences in the region continue to contravene the process of democratisation in the Middle East.


The continuation of the appeasement policy with the Clerical-Fascist Regime, adopted by the US State Department, has not only proved its ineffectiveness to the US interests and the rest of the free world, but also has left behind many detrimental and adverse side effects. The survival and the boldness of the Islamic Regime has been a key element for Damascus to crack down and crush the freedom seeking movement of the people of Syria. The fanatical insurgents in Afghanistan have been equipped with the latest lethal and deadly weapons; and Iraq has been appropriated by the Islamic Regime into one of its own military bases of operation, to mention but a few. Consequently, the survival of the Islamic Regime in Iran, continues to destabilise the strategic situations of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and has proved to be damaging toward any peace process in these two countries.


It is brought to my attention that your government is about to make a strategic resolution on whether to remove the “MEK” from the US list of terrorist organisations. The European Union have already removed the Mojahedeen from their listings and are now moving on to next phase in…. Obviously, your government’s decision to retain Mojahedeen’s name in this list would appease the Islamic Republic, and would be perceived as a goodwill gesture towards the IRI. The efforts of the Islamic Republic’s lobbyist groups during the past few months with regards to this matter proves this discernible point that removing Mojahedeen’s name from the list would immensely alarm the Islamic Regime in Iran to the core.

You are also aware that eliminating Mojahedeen’s name from the list would serve as a positive signal for supporting the wish of the people for democratic changes in Iran. This can be observed by the recently intensified efforts of the Iranian Regime’s lobbyist groups and organisations.


In any case and irrespective of its impact on either the Mojahedeen or the Islamic Regime, your State Department’s decision would send a clear message to all political or paramilitary organisations. This would have a profound effect and impact on their behaviour, as the USA’s stances are watched and followed closely across the Middle East and other Islamic nations across the region.


Should the Mojahedeen’s name continue to remain listed, a strong message would be sent out to all (political or paramilitary) organisations across the Islamic world, to the effect that America cannot be trusted for the following reasons:


a-     Despite the USA’s legally and lawfully covenants, in return for the voluntary disarmament of the Mojahedeen who seek democratic changes in Iran, the American administration (both Democrats and Republicans) extricates herself from her commitments. That, just to appease the Clerical-Fascist Regime, the USA refuses to de-list an opposition group who complies with peaceful activities and in turn has gained the respect and support of the international community for the past twenty years or so.


In my view, the consequences of adopting such position would result in the discontentment of all the political and paramilitary organisations across the Islamic world. The USA may tactically gain from appeasing the IRI, but at the same time would discourage nations from trusting America. The disillusioned youth would therefore, tend to subscribe to the old cliché of “Armed struggle, the only path to freedom!”

Organisations such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban would particularly welcome such distrust as the basis for their expansion.


b-     Despite this soft and appeasing approach, the rulers of Tehran evidently have not disassociated themselves from terrorism in the region. The IRI has actively engaged itself in proxy war in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other small States in the Persian Gulf. Subordinate and affiliated organisations in the region, which are militarily and logistically supported by the Quds Force, have seriously hindered a very much-needed peace between Israel and Palestinians.

Aggressive engagement of the IRI, advocates the targeting of US interests by the paramilitary organisations rather than following the meaningful approach of MEK, as the USA recoils and adopts appeasing tactics at decisive situations. This could even lead to the notion that terrorising the American advisors in Islamic countries could be a viable and productive option.



c-      America’s breaking of its covenant and backing down from its agreed commitments and promises would convince some of the previously paramilitary organisations to reconsider their position. At the least, such mismanagement and short-term gain could lead to the creation of new splinter groups with the main objective of targeting Western interests.

One such example is “The Real IRA” in Northern Ireland that broke away from the IRA and continues as a paramilitary entity.

Consequently, the West has to negotiate with two organisations instead of one! However, since the splinter organisation has lost faith and trust in the West’s policies, it would be harder to encourage them to engage in any negotiations.


d-     Mistrust and scepticism amongst the ranks of freedom seekers paves the way for Clerical-Fascism to spread anti-American propaganda and hatred towards the USA. This inevitably discredits the USA and its advocacy for democracy and freedom, particularly amongst the youth and other forward thinking generations in the region. The youth that could abandon the notion of violence, may now consider to takes up arms.


In order to prevent such strategic failure by the US, the elimination of the IRI must now have a higher priority. The people of Iran would condemn military intervention similar to that of Iraq. A more pragmatic, moral and cost effective approach should be adopted that respects the wish of Iranian people, and engages the opposition organisations who strive to achieve democracy in Iran; i.e. those organisations that have a proven track record of their loyalty and have fulfilled their obligations towards the internationally recognised protocols.


The above painted picture is not merely an academic point of view. It rather reflects upon the bitter truth of what is already taking place in Yemen, Bahrain, Sudan, Egypt, etc.

Those institutions, who seek democracy in their respective countries in the Middle East, would retreat from counting on US support to achieve their objectives and would eventually resort to armed struggle in order to defend themselves against the brutal and barbaric Regimes such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria.



The Middle East is a prime breeding ground for Clerical-Fascist rulers. If the US and your government believe in establishing democracy in the Middle East, it would become inevitable to remove all obstacles to this end. By de-listing Mojahedeen, and by maintaining and honouring the US government’s covenants and commitments to internationally recognised protocols, the freedom seeking youth and organisations in the Middle East, and particularly the Iranian opposition groups would be encouraged further to achieve their objectives peacefully and effectively. To adopt such a policy by the US would also prevent any politically active individuals or organisations in the region to resort to religious fanaticism.


To conclude, I wish to insist on the de-listing of the Mojahedeen, and your administration’s recognition of all democratic movements in Iran whose aspirations are to achieve freedom and democracy in Iran.



Yours respectfully,


Ali Behrooz (Dr)

10 July 2011

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