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The Warmongers!
[ Ali Behrooz]
[Source: Iran's Crises – English (ICE)]

George W. Bush, in his recent melodramatic comment, rhetorically threatened the whole world by indicating that “If Iran had a nuclear weapon, it would be a dangerous threat to world peace".

"We got a leader in Iran who has announced that he wants to destroy Israel," he warned. "So I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon."


Did he say WWIII? Well, why not, indeed? They have ruined Iraq, they have destroyed Lebanon and Afghanistan, and have suffocated Palestine, let them now finish the job and flatten the world. Bush remarks "I'm really looking forward to the next 15 months. I'm looking forward to getting some things done ...” You see, the warlords are poised to press the buttons. We have all the ingredients to start a WWIII.

We have radical Islamist Ayatollahs, who have supported international terrorism, whose Revolutionary Guard Corps infiltrated Iraq and turned a US made nightmare into an inhumane destruction of the whole nation. Here is a breed of ideological, deceitful and conniving politicians who have endangered the world peace, since taking the rein of power in 1979, and now resort to any scheme to fulfill their nuclear ambitions, regardless of all the oppositions from within and from the international community.


The other ingredient is the good old US of A. Now the situation gets gloomier. For decades the US of America, whether administered by the Republicans or Democrats, has taken an aggressive approach to the oil-rich land of the Middle East. It has supported, financed and encouraged coup de tat, undemocratic change of regimes, and has fed terrorist groups and guys like Saddam Hussein. To the dismay of all Muslims, the USA has always turned a blind eye on the aggressive and in many occasions, violent actions of Israel against Palestinians, and the neighbouring countries, knowing that the UN is immaterial and irrelevant.

His demonic comment comes despite what ElBaradei of IAEA recently said;
"We need to be cool," he told reporters at the IAEA's annual conference in Vienna. "We need not hype the issue...” "…I would not talk about any use of force," he said. "There are rules on how to use force, and I would hope that everybody would have gotten the lesson after the Iraq situation, where 700,000 innocent civilians have lost their lives on the suspicion that a country has nuclear weapons."


Although the arena is set for a gloomy and theatrical performance by the warlords, there is still hope for those whose voice counts. Whether such public remarks scare off the Mullahs or not is one thing, but they definitely scare the people of Iran who seem to have no say in this business.

Let us finish this sad saga on a positive note. The good news is that Ahmadinejad is losing support among the rank and files of the clerics. Also, President Bush is known for his public gaffs. First his infamous “crusade” comment, and now this. This one is just scarier. Nevertheless, and just to stay on the cheerful note, the Americans unlike the Iranian people will have the opportunity to cast their votes on all these, next year. According to some polls, the Americans’ support for Mr. Bush continues to fade away. His popularity has shrunk by 5% to 29% since last month. Let us hope the next administration will have more sense and vision than this one.

Ali Behrooz


18 October 2007

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