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Tuesday 11 May 2021


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Chaotic, Disarrayed and Appeasing
[ Ali Behrooz]
[Source: Iran's Crises – English (ICE)]

While Israelis and Palestinians are trying to draw up a roadmap leading them out of the stalemate they have been entangled with for the past 6 decades, Ayatollah Khamenh’i condemns the forthcoming Middle East Peace Conference as a devious and failed effort that is “being made to once again make an imposition on the Palestinian people in the name of peace". Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh had already warned Arab leaders “"not to fall into the trap of the coming conference."
Ayatollahs’ support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and other extremist-Islamist factions in the Middle East, goes well beyond moral backing of the Palestinians’ just cause. Ayatollahs want an end to the existence of Israel, and its substitution with an Islamic empire stretching from the Indian Ocean to the African continent. And they do not hide this.
One cannot deny the fact that both Israel and the USA’s efforts in the past have been unproductive, impractical and against the Palestinians’ wishes. Nevertheless, the aims and objectives of Khamenh’i are as ruthless and dangerous as those of the Israelis. Israel’s continuous aggression against Palestinians and her denial of the Palestinians’ rights, have not only made formulating a practical solution difficult, but also encouraged violence, carnage and distrust in the ‘holy land’. More importantly, unwavering support of the USA for Israel, and bloodshed in Iraq has paved the way for Ayatollahs to penetrate in the heart of the Middle East, hoping to fulfill a long lasting dream.
The root for today’s strong condemnation of the conference should, however, be found in the recent frank comments by President Putin of Russia who dismissed the notion of Ayatollahs having any nuke ambitions. His opposition to gear up economic sanctions is an added bonus that is welcomed by the Ayatollahs.
The Russians and the newly embattled British Government are not the only ones who woo Ayatollahs. Hillary Clinton, in a not so surprising comment, declares that she "would immediately open a diplomatic negotiation with Iran over all issues that we disagree with them on." This is when she acknowledges that Ayatollahs and the Revolutionary Guards "are supporting sending weapons into Iraq right now that are used against” American troops.
Now, if you were in the position of the Ayatollahs and observed such chaotic, disarrayed and in many occasions appeasing stance by the world’s leaders, would you not feel assured in condemning and derailing all peace-making efforts in the Middle East?
ali behrooz
13 October 2007

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