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Tuesday 17 May 2022

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Mr President, Barack Obama,
[Source: Iran's Crises]
Ali Behrooz

As a scholar and an analyst in Iranian politics and affairs, and as a member of “Foreign Press Association” (FPI), last year I addressed Mrs Hillary Clinton in an open letter and pointed out some of the ill-fated consequences of US policies of appeasement towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Obama offers Iran an opening on engagement
[Source: The Washington Post - 05/08/10]
David Ignatius

President Obama put the issue of negotiating with Iran firmly back on the table Wednesday in an unusual White House session with journalists. His message was that even as U.N. sanctions squeeze Tehran, he is leaving open a "pathway" for a peaceful settlement of the nuclear issue. "It is very important to put before the Iranians a clear set of steps that we would consider sufficient to show that...

Iran Sees Regional Alliance To Counter NATO
[Source: rferl - 05/08/10]
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Iran's president told the leaders of Aghanistan and Tajikistan today that the three neighbors could provide a counterweight to NATO in Asia once foreign troops exit the region. Mahmud Ahmadinejad said the three countries should strengthen economic and security ties. At a summit in Tehran of the three Persian-speaking countries -- the fourth in two years -- Ahmadinejad said Tajikistan and Afghanistan...

Sanctions set stage for a new push on Iran
[Source: FT - 05/08/10]
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Cliff Kupchan
With the European Union’s adoption of tough sanctions last week, the west has finally succeeded in gaining leverage over Tehran. Reports this week of an assassination attempt against President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, whether accurate or not, will augment that leverage by causing jitters throughout the Iranian elite. But this will not buy much unless it is used in concert...

Will Obama's 'Signal' Reach Iran?
[Source: The Huffington Post - 05/08/10]
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Yesterday, President Obama called a small group of journalists into the White House to talk about Iran. According to the Washington Post's David Ignatius, Obama's agenda was to signal Iran that the United States might "accept a deal that allows Iran to maintain its civilian nuclear program, so long as Iran provides 'confidence-building measures' to verify that it is not building a bomb". The president...

Iran unlikely to halt nuclear program, secret letters show
[Source: Haaretz - 06/08/10]
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President Obama signals U.S. openness to continued nuclear talks, despite Iran's criticism of the West's 'hostile' and 'illegal' sanctions.
By The Associated Press and Reuters Tags: Israel news Iran nuclear IAEA
As Iran and world powers prepare for new nuclear talks, letters from Tehran's envoys to top international officials suggest little prospect of major progress, with Tehran combative and unlikely to offer any concessions. Two letters, both written late last month and obtained by The Associated Press, reflect Iran's apparent determination to continue the nuclear activities that have led to new rounds of UN, EU, and U.S. sanctions over fears that Tehran might be seeking to develop nuclear arms.

Warning of long war if Israel attacks Iran
[Source: Irishtimes - 16/07/10]
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AN ISRAELI attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities could launch a protracted regional war and encourage Tehran to build nuclear weapons. This is the conclusion of a 14-page briefing paper, Military Action Against Iran: Impact and Effects , issued yesterday by the Oxford Research Group, which promotes peaceful resolution of conflicts. The report, written by Paul Rogers,...

'Israel will be destroyed if it attacks Iran'
[Source: PressTV - 06/08/10]
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A group of ex-CIA officials have warned Washington against Tel Aviv's efforts to "mousetrap" the US on Iran, a mistake that would "destroy" Israel. In a memo to the US President Barack Obama, a group of former CIA intelligence officers at the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity warned that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ready to go unilateral on Iran. "Blindsiding has...

Envoy Condemns US Officials' Irresponsible Comments on Iran
[Source: Fars - 05/08/10]
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TEHRAN (FNA)- Tehran's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaee deplored the "irresponsible and unjustifiable" remarks of the US officials about an imminent military attack on Iran, reminding that Washimgton's threats violate the UN Charter. Khazaee strongly criticized an 'illegal' US possible plan for an Iran strike,...

Obama's refusal to hold debate with Iran president, a defeat for US
[Source: IRNA - 05/08/10]
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U.S. President Barack Obama's refusal to hold a debate with Iranian president at the United Nations General Assembly registered a blow to the United States. The Western and US media preferred to remain silent when the US officials showed a remarkable withdrawal after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran officially announced his readiness to hold “face-to-face” talks with his US counterpart....
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